Monday, May 01, 2006

(Written by Mike)

What do you say when it’s been an uneventful week? Well, after thinking about it a bit, I’ve decided to just be up front about it. There’s something about writing a weekly update that can take on a life of it’s own. Pretty soon you’re intentionally looking for photo opportunities that will look good on your blog, instead of just documenting life … exciting or not. So, here comes a not so exciting update.

This week has been one of catching up on things – school for the kids, reading, sleep, etc. It’s also been a week of preparation – we’ve spent a fair amount of time working with the staff to get ready for the upcoming Road Trip. (A Road Trip is where a group of people visit the Nieucommunities site for two weeks to get a taste of what being a participant here for 10 months is like.) This Road Trip is exciting for us because the 8 people that are coming are all friends of ours from our church back home! More on that in a minute.

Also, we’ve been fighting ants in our home. Look at this pile. It’s all ants! We’ve had days where we would sweep up several piles in one day. The exterminator came out and sprayed, but that has only slowed them down. What’s saving us now is that the colder weather is stopping them. The good news is that they have stayed out of our beds!

This week was our first week experiencing sickness since we have been here. Reed came down with a high fever and upset stomach at noon. That night Lacey caught it, then Darcy the next morning. Then the vomiting began! Fortunately it ran it’s course in under two days, and neither of us parents got it! (Whew!)

Reed started feeling better just in time for he and I to join some friends at a big Rugby game. This game was played between the Pretoria Blue Bulls (our team!) and the Durban Sharks. Some of these players also play on one of the “Big 14” international teams that play against other countries. Mostly they play against Australia and New Zealand since they are the closest countries with teams. The other big sports that are run this way are Cricket and Soccer. Sports are very different down here!

Yesterday (Sunday) our friends arrived for the Road Trip. It’s very exciting (and kind of strange) to see so many faces from home down here in Africa! Now that they are here we begin the two week “snapshot” of what the 10 month experience is like. We have already had some great discussions/conversations and had some fun activities.

Well, that’s it for now. I’m sure Lorie will have lots more of “exciting” things to tell you about next week after one week on the Road Trip! Much love and thanks to all of you!


Blogger Doah said...

Yaaawn. Just kidding Mike, that was a great post. It sure was nice to see some pictures of my wife up there. My favorite shot is the last one with Chrisy and Lorie in front of Pangani by the lamppost. It's cool to see the 106 up there and know that is where I have been sending the mail too. I love the brickwork! It's so cool to read these. Thanks for being so dilligent about posting. It makes it really nice for those of us who are missing you. My kids are really missing your kids more and more. Last night was Kids Quest and Breakout and they were all talking about your kids more than usual. Max took some of the posts from your blog that I had printed out and shared them at Breakout along with some of the stuff Read mailed him, the Rand for example. Everybody said hello, especially Carolyn. On the way home, Max, Wes, and Zoey were saying, "When exactly are they coming back?" Max even read this new post BEFORE school this morning. By the way, a week of rugby, ants, and vomit doesn't sound too boring! I really do miss you brother. Sending my love and prayers to you. Cheers, Doah

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